Kristi Stassinopoulou

Spin the Globe

If you’ve heard her previous work, you’ll know not to expect traditional Greek music from Kristi Stassinopoulou. On her third release, the Athens-born singer continues her exploration and hybridization of styles. Opening with the CD’s electronica-edged title track, she breathes more than sings over guitar and drum beats. Her multitracked vocals are stronger on the “Strong Winds Blockade” backed by snare drum and bagpipes, sounding a little like a sea shanty sung by Varttina. Indeed, the sea is a major theme throughout, along with love and the passage of time. Lyrics in English and the original Greek help with song meanings. Except for the traditional “Amorgos Passage,” all songs are originals by Stassinopoulou and her collaborator-husband Stathis Kalyviotis. While some of the tracks veer a bit too far into experimental/ambient relams (“Red Adders,” “The Days Go By”), most of Stassinopoulou’s wanderings find her on solid ground and provide engaging listening.

©2003 Scott Allan Stevens, Earball Media