Kristi Stassinopoulou

Kristi Stassinopoulou - Taxidoscopio

(from the album taxidoscopio)


Yerevan, Armenia, April 2005, Invited by the ΑΝΒ avand-guard folk music club

Mount Ararat, perpetually snowy, towers above Yerevan.

On the cusp of Soviet, European and Asian culture, Armenia is gathering its pieces and stands on its own feet with the help of enlightened Armenian artists and wealthy Armenians of the diaspora. And while in Greece the drachma has been long replaced by the euro, it is still the national currency in Armenia.

Before we leave for the airport, we record the early morning sounds of the city.


In the streets of Yerevan

a town crier cried

His countries woes

carrying on his back

Black memories, distant scents

Pained words and musics

West and East

strangely Merge

under Ararat

Black Asian night

and everything is burning

in the heart of Chevac


In the streets of Yerevan

colorful bazaars

Armenia’s fate

played on dice

Aging buildings, ruins

Demolished symbols, statues

Asia and America

soviet mentality

in the mind of Chevak

Stifling heat

with a snowy peak

on mount Ararat


In the streets of Yerevan

cranes tower above

Euros and dollars

save face

New mores of the new God

Neon lights of capitalism

Poverty, wealth and opulence

strangely merge

under Ararat

Art and politics

and maybe a drachma will remain

in the purse of Chevak


Translated in English by Alexandra Alexandri