Kristi Stassinopoulou

Vale da Lua
Kristi Stassinopoulou - Taxidoscopio

(from the albumĀ taxidoscopio)

Chapada Dos Veadeiros, Goias, Central West Brazil, September 2005

They say that this region is a place of energy. Strangely shaped hills rise abruptly above the forests of the savannah. The ground is made of crystals and every stone you lift is transparent and glitters. We follow the footpath to Vale da Lua, the Valley of the Moon, with the sculpted black rocks and the waterfalls. Night falls and the calls of the birds resonate and produce a sound that resembles Tibetan singing balls.

The moon wanes inverted

on the Plateau of the Deerhunters

Night birds are singing the continuum

I tread on the footsteps of the guides

In Vale da Lua


The path is slippery among the rocks

and below us tons of water

Two waterfalls have encircled me

and blue parrots fly everywhere

In Vale da Lua


The moon wanes inverted

on the Plateau of the Deerhunters

They give as blue petals to eat

to be initiated in the life of flowers

To be baptized in the waters of the waterfall

to resonate to the song of the birds

To be dried by the air of the savannah

to sleep inside the light of the stars

In Vale da Lua


Translated in English by Alexandra Alexandri