Kristi Stassinopoulou


(from  the album « Echotropia » music: Kalyviotis, lyrics: Stassinopoulou)

Born in the heart of winter

Revived in the fires of June


I come and go on earth

Drawning the sun on his chariot

In a glorious ceremony

I dance to cherish his miracle


In the heart of the fire my picture

Every sparkle of sweat my drop


I have many faces

A thousand tribes took me for god

In glorious feasts

All nations cherished me with fire


I have one homeland left on earth

One ceremony that survived time


Masquerades in sheepskin, light for me the fire

Rolling burning garlands down the slopes

I get carried away by the frenzied dance

Of people jumping over the fires


Translated in English by Thalia Iakovidou