Kristi Stassinopoulou

Kristi Stassinopoulou - Taxidoscopio

 (from the album taxidoscopio)

Grape harvest on Sikinos

Come, catch the moon

staring like a white ram

from Sikinos’ peek

Come, give it to me as a crown

and you will get from me

a sea kiss

The port of Sikinos

decked with a necklace

of lights and children

embraces our celebration

quickens our breath

lights a fire within us


The stepping-stone of the gods

from where you can see all the islands

when Bacchus stepped on it

he named it Oinoe


Come, catch the moon

come, do me this favour

on the island of Sikinos

Shiny pearl

spread like a rug

on the mist of the waves

On the gods’ stepping stone

let us tread awhile

and become gods

Let the vines ripen

and give us grapes

to turn them into wine


In Oinoe’s vineyards

we will spread our arms

and dance

September’s moisture

Dionysus’ Bacchic dance

so that goodness may take root

In the port of Sikinos

one last night

let us light a fire

When September has gone

and the day has turned to night

take me in your arms


Translated in English by Alexandra Alexandri