Kristi Stassinopoulou

Lunisolar Wishes 2018
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A carol that we wrote and recorded.

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Our best wishes
Kristi & Stathis

Lunisolar wishes
(lyrics: Kr.Stassinopoulou, music: St.Kalyviotis)

A tiny, shiny, silver moon whispered to me a secret
And after came the golden sun, explained it all to me

It’s called Dodekaimero, a twelve-day- long fiesta
That takes us back to Roman times and also to all religions

The Hindus and the Christians, the Muslims and the Hebrews
The Buddhists and the Taoists, they all use their calendars

Three hundred days and sixty five, Gregorian year is lasting
But it’s three hundred fifty three, the lunar year duration

It’s just a hole in countless Time that goes around in circles
The solar and the lunar year, a twelve day gap between them

Mind the gap
Drink and dance
Clear your mind
Get in trance

Mind the gap
Sing and dance
Light your candle
Get in trance

A twelve day difference is too small to separate us humans
Let’s make Dodekaimero an ever-lasting fiesta

Let’s live in peace and happiness, compassion and freedom
Let’s bring the silver and the gold in harmony within us

Forget a bit our differences and seek inside ourselves
To find all that’s connecting us, inhabitants of earth