Kristi Stassinopoulou

Improvijazzation Nation, Issue #49

Ol’ Tim Leary woulda’ LUVVED this worldbeat/folk adventure!  Kristi sings in Greek, but you’d think you were at an “Airplane” concert (with slightly more emphasis on th’ percussion than Grace Slick might’ve had).  This is NOT the (dreaded) sloppy techno-rawk it could have been… it doesn’t sound (in the least) like low-end cut/paste electronics, & that’s a LARGE plus for the listener.  There are some very clearly psychedelic influences that take me (in a FLASH, mon’) back to some wild concert nights in th’ ’60′s!  If yer’ droppin’ acid (which is NOT something WE recommend), you’ll get LOST in the echoes, floatin’ off on a Persian karpet into la-la land.  There are some (nice) folk guitars woven in the background, too.  The CD hit some high marks on the Euro-charts for World music, & it definitely rates a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from this reviewer.

Rotcod Zzaj